Read through these meal plans with four recipes, pictures, and a few tips to help make your meal preparation easier.

Welcome to Simple Veggie Meals. 

I hope will be your go-to source for quick and easy vegetarian meal plans. I'm excited to share with you tips, tricks, and secrets I've picked up from close friends, family, and years of trial and error. I hope the recipes and the meal plans are helpful to you.

My mission is...

  • To give you the tools to confidently create healthy and delicious vegetarian meals for you and your family
  • To help busy people like you reclaim their time and energy
  • To give you quick and easy step-by-step meal ideas that add variety to your diet
  • To help you "Save Time. Eat Better. Live Healthy." 

You don’t have to feel stumped about what to make, paralyzed by exhaustion, or stuck in a rut.

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